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Heliks Genart

Heliks #79

AÑO: 2023

To bid farewell to fx(hash) 1.0, I prepared this piece based on the intro “Random Generation”, which I coded for the demogroup Latitude Independent Association and was awarded second place in the 4k intro compo at the Revision 2023 demoparty.

The centerpiece is an interpretation of a strange star surrounded by helicoidal surfaces, animated with a smooth and steady motion, contributing to a sense of harmony and continuity.

This work was designed and developed using various techniques within a fragment shader, allowing me to explore and experiment with the properties of light and motion. My aim was to create something that captured both the dynamic energy of the surface and the elegance of the moving helicoidal surfaces, always striving to maintain a balance between technical complexity and visual aesthetics.

The piece is somewhat demanding on the GPU and is not designed for mobile devices or old, low-end GPUs.

Colcha #16
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