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Aqueduct Genart

Aqueduct #25

AÑO: 2023
ARTISTA: Nicolas Lebrun

Aqueduct is part of the inaugural ‘Outliers’ group show curated by Atelier (

To create these compositions, the program creates random curves (based on Perlin noise).
It traverses these curves like a topology, tracing the curves where they overlap to form sequences and patterns of three types:
– successive vertical lines
– solid shapes (colored)
– two solid shapes that encase the curves from top to bottom (colored)

Editions are divided into two main types of composition: those in which the colors are aligned, and those in which the curves are aligned. These two types of compositions will determine how the drawing is animated.

Press the space key to play or pause the animation.
By clicking on the composition (in live mode), you will access a menu that allows you to playback and save the animation as a video, save still images as a PNG or an SVG (the shapes are grouped by color in different groups). With the animation you can obtain different images and vectors (each image/frame of the sequence can be exported).

These curves are mixed with other vibrations, Aqueduct contains some thirty palettes borrowed from classical painting and contemporary art. The aim is not to replace the originals with editions of the program, but to change the atmosphere and mood of the composition. It’s also a way for me to avoid making aesthetic choices and to adopt an outside point of view on this creation.

Aqueduct #25
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