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Who We Are  Fotografía

Who We Are – 116

AÑO: 2022
ARTISTA: Reza Milani
Foundation: OpenSea

Ali Sabet photographed by Reza Milani in Irvine, Califonia (via FaceTime)

Ali Sabet is an Iranian American artist, healer and designer. His work shines with vibrant optimism, love, and beauty.

“I graduated from Cal State Fullerton and quickly found myself in the world of big Advertising. My first job was working one of the top ad agencies in the world as an Art Director. Soon after my ad shop days, I started my own branding agency, called Sabet Brands. Alongside, I’ve always painted. It was a way to release and escape the complexities of life. At first, it was about emotions such as angst and anxiety. As the years passed, my work transformed to expressing love, gratitude, and source energy.

My NFT Journey began in February of 2021. I started in the NFT space to be able to share my art directly with my collectors. Creating love and value for everyone in the NFT space has become priority number one. I’m truly grateful for this new world! “

Who We Are - 116
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