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Rubicon  Genart

Rubicon #155

AÑO: 2022
MARKETPLACE: Bright Moments

“Rubicon” is the imaginary gate that awaits us after our journey, a portal that moves continuously for a state of self-reflection before opening and letting us through.

What awaits us on the other side? Will it be something good? We don’t know; perhaps there’s nothing, perhaps there’s something, but what’s certain is that we can’t stay any longer where we stand and must cross to the other side despite the aftermath.

In life, we’re used to living with dilemmas we don’t like to face, even when they destroy us. And it’s not until we decide to cross the line that our situations change. There’s no turning back, just moving forward — as Julius Caesar knew when crossing the Rubicon river.

Will you cross that line?

Rubicon #155
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