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Maybe B&W Genart

Maybe B&W (first run) #16

AÑO: 2023

“Maybe B&W” is a project based on the Genuary 2023 prompt “Black and White”. This code was specifically designed to have a 1 in 24 chance to deliver a B&W output. Since there will only be 32 pieces in this release, somebody will ‘maybe’ get a B&W. Will that piece be more desirable because of the odds?

When we hear the word ‘maybe’, there’s a dissonance between its linguistic meaning and what our emotions register. We are usually optimistic and hold onto that feeling, boosting our dopamine levels. But when that ‘maybe’ doesn’t happen (and probably it won’t happen), disappointment kicks in hard. As Dr. Sapolsky says “nothing fuels dopamine like ‘maybe’…”.

Long-form generative art collectors have been dealing with surprise and disappointment a lot lately, which is also mirrored in our daily lives: “Maybe I get that B&W”, “Maybe it will sell out today”, “Maybe I’ll get a seven on this roll”, “Maybe I’ll get better with this medicine”, “Maybe she’ll come back”, “Maybe he will change”…

“Maybe B&W” is not about shapes and composition. All the pieces are laid out identically with the same shape, size, orientation, and position. “Maybe B&W” is not about color or its lack of either. “Maybe B&W” is about surprise and disappointment.

Maybe B&W (first run) #16
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