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AÑO: 2023
MARKETPLACE: Bright Moments

Welcome to your personal KERNEL – your meditative anchor point in this fast-paced brave new world. Sit back, relax and enjoy.*

KERNELS is the mechanical interplay of several Finite-State Machines that form together an elaborate visual system. At the core of the system lives the Kernel (or a version of it), inviting you to stick around and forget about everything, while it is doing all of the computational work for you.

The underlying grid of the visual system is both the output and the raw data on which a Finite-State Machine is doing calculations on a per cell basis. The Kernel is telling you, that generating outputs is as easy as 1 + 1. In stark contrast to the calm nature of the Kernel exist the borders. Here patterns are generated and calculated and put through several sequencers to form momentary outputs. The program is set up in a way to produce an entire class of drawings: ‘aesthetic objects’ (as understood by Max Bense) are placed within a metaphysical framework to be processed and observed.

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