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AÑO: 2023
ARTISTA: Kevin Abosch

This work is a synthetic photograph generated from a diffusion model trained on the artist’s own custom dataset of images pertaining to health, wealth and happiness while living under the influence of machines. While the work may indeed be pleasing to the eye, and even elicit a strong emotional response in the viewer, please keep in mind that this is a conceptual work and that your relationship with the work will evolve over time.

If you experience feelings of euphoria while experiencing the work, do not be alarmed. This is to be expected. That said, do not attempt to view this work while operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or while engaging in activity that requires your full attention.

The artist suggests looking at the work daily without any distractions and if possible, in silence.

The claim period for this mint will not be shorter than 12 hours and not longer than 72 hours. At the 12 hour mark a randomized end-time will be determined from a span of 60 hours using a simple random number generator. The end time will not be made public and the artist will not share this information, even with his family and friends. IYKYK.

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