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Decagon  Genart

Decagon #23103

AÑO: 2023
ARTISTA: Kjetil Golid

The Decagon is your identity in the Decaverse.
It is your identity and symbol of your progression in the Decaverse. Over the years, your Decagon grows as you and the Decaverse grow.

Infinite art
Decagons level up by consuming Deca Experience Points (DXP). You earn DXP (pronounced DEX-p) for free by using Deca on a daily basis through views, Quests, and more. Once you have minted your Decagon head to the DXP page to learn more about Quests and how to earn points.

Endless forms most beautiful
Each Decagon starts simple, belying the complexity hidden in the algorithm. With higher levels parts of your Decagon will grow, shrink, rise, disappear… even change colors! You won’t know until you upgrade.

Decagon #23103
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