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Avastars  PFP

Avastar #18643

AÑO: 2020
ARTISTA: Avastars

Avastars (est. in Feb. 2020) are generative characters for the metaverse. Each one is unique and has their art and metadata stored on-chain. Avastars come licensed for use commercially by their owners. Collect Avastar Primes to make Replicants with their trait copies.

All Avastars #0-25,199 are Avastar Primes. #25,200+ are Avastar Replicants. You cannot make a Replicant with another Replicant’s traits, and no 2 Avastar Primes or Replicants can ever be the same. You can also see whether an Avastar is a Prime or a Replicant under the “Wave” category.

Avastar #18643
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